Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wealth as a convenience only

In finding a great management, it is important ask the question if the person does it for money or for passion. Money must never guide the principle of return. This can be an extremely controversial, contrary notion. If someone has a passion to do well in something, they will be rewarded justly. For instance, a great management should never be too focused on the performance of the share price. Instead, they should be totally passionate and be focused on operating the business, when the business does well, the share price will takes care of itself.
In investing, to do really extraordinary, one should be challenged by the the growth of capital rather than to be emotionally controlled by the possession of money. The satisfaction lies in achieving knowledge, goals being met, and ideas being vindicated. In fact, money is only a convenience in settling the basic needs of one's life. It will not make any difference between anyone. We'll be the same, the only difference is in wealth. No one needs more things than the other. No one can eat more than the other. To be obsessed with money is the road to disaster.
Success does not equates only in terms of money. Success comes from turning your plan and ideas into reality in a sustainable manner, not through luck. Luck perhaps constitute 10% of most things, 90% of what happens come from what you can control. Luck is perhaps just the starting point in discovering an idea, and after you discover an idea, the rest is how you control the idea to make it works out to your goals.

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