Saturday, October 07, 2006

Importance of a stable and honest government

This was written some time back when we saw one of our regional neighbour who got into certain instability.


By now, you should know while you were asleep last night, a coup was conducted in the heart of TH. Moving from stability to overnight chaos to an uncertain future. What took 14 years to build took a day to destroy - actually it took a mere 2 years or less to turn from stability to chaos. So much from a great future to a bleak one almost overnight.

Anyway what I'm trying to say is many people are not appreciative of many things, especially on the importance of someone who is doing a great job in keeping growth and stability. Keeping in mind no system or people are perfect, it is thus important to know what will be the best option in life by not asking for the sky.

At least in where we are staying, we have probably the best governing party anywhere on earth, beating the US or any democratic country though the bigger countries have a different set of playing field.

When things like political instability happens, the people who gets affected the most are the ordinary folks - those working class folks. For the smart and able people, it doesn't affect them much though probably they get by with a little lesser but they don't get squeeze out. But if you think about it, political instability cannot happens just with the vote of the important few, it takes the ground to move them. So most likely, it is the ordinary folks who are not happy that gives an opportunity for the opposition to revolt. For people who are lazy, always complaining and always expect others to hand them things, any chance like that to happen, they definitely will not be on the ruling party side. But ultimately the one who suffers the most will be people like those who keep complaining. Because the very fact is the ones who need the most support or help from a good government are the ordinary folks who are not very able to make things happen by themselves. Take for example, the recent generous give-outs by our government, who needs this the most? It is always the ordinary folks. Where does this money comes from? It is from the past performance of the investment done by the government body on behalf of the people with the people money. People complain about government keeping all their money. Frankly, I whole-heartedly support this system. Without this, if the government don’t set aside this sum of money and instead give all back to the people, a large majority will not be able to handle or keep their money in their pocket, not to mention about growing the fund. This is human nature in large part because of the temptation to use it. Assuming all money is given back to the population, I am sure most people will not have the discipline to keep the money for the future. So they will most likely spend a chunk of it and then when they get into trouble, they expect more from the government. By then, if the population really needs financial help from the nation, the nation will not have a safety net to draw on. They will have to find ways to help solve this problem. Most likely, they will increase taxes, both from the businesses and the individuals who are the high earners. In the end, when taxes are more, businesses will chose not to operate here, it drives away potential businesses too, then the highly capable people will also feel being marginalized and probably look elsewhere with it benefits them more.

In any good system, it is appropriate to acknowledge "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.". Lacking this simple idea, even if the system can do great for a few years while sweeping the negativities beneath the surface, and when judgement day comes, a pin always lays in wait for any past decisions which were not sound. When the pin meets the bubble, no subsequent brillance can undo the damage.

Another thing, a lot of people always think that life is never fair. Well, truly, it is never fair in life. What can be fair is how you make things happen. And also, if you think about it, the moment you are born in this world, it is not fair because of the fact that people are given a different hand based on where they are born, not their ability to survive. We being born in Singapore are a lucky bunch, given a great hand as a headstart. If you were born in India, Africa or China, you’d be fighting tooth and nails over the basic needs for survivor. In fact, to be in SG, you are plain lucky, only 4 million out of billions can be in SG. So what's the probability? Then if things are on a level playing field, I'm pretty sure the majority of Singaporeans are of ordinary ability compared to the billions in India or China. So if you live there, you'll have a hell of a time. In fact, I think many young people here are extremely ignorant, they do not know much about what is happening in the region or in the world. Most will be able to identify with Brad Pitt, Paris Hilton, Kobe Bryant, David Beckham more than they can identify Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Gloria Arroyo, Shinzo Abe or Ban Ki Moon. But I can vouch that many of the Mainland Chinese are so much smarter and streetwise in terms of business and world knowledge even though some of them may actually even be so-called less educated than many of us. Just a few days back, my friend ask me what is S.A.R, he thought it refers to SARS, it's pathetic that our knowledge is really that limited. And if China really prosper to the same level as us, they thoroughly deserve the honor.

Not that I am a pro government supporter through and through. I'm a staunch supporter for what they had done for the good of the majority. Nobody on earth can caters to the need of everyone, if someone can do that, that fellow has got no principle because the system will be sway left to right and back all the time.

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